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Roth Woodlands

Roth Woodlands lies in Chilmark on the south side of North Road. The 26 acres have frontage of 1,320 feet along North Road with markers at each end. Upstream from the pond are wetlands, the headwaters of the Old Mill Brook. A driveway along the eastern boundary allows a walker to see this side of the Woodlands in interesting profile. On contiguous land, Sheriff's Meadow Foundation holds conservation restrictions on another 80 acres. During the spring and fall migrations this is one of the best places to observe warblers and birds which inhabit marshlands.

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is collaborating with neighboring landowners and colleague conservation organizations to create an interconnected Mill Brook Trail system, of which the trail on Roth Woodlands will be an integral part. Roth Woodlands is very well described in the book Moraine to Marsh by Anne Hale.


Park along the North Road. Entrance is about 4 miles from the Menemsha Crossroads or about 1-1/2 mile from the West Tisbury end of North Road.

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