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Conservation Restriction Stewardship

As it is a steward of its fee-owned properties, Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is also a steward of its conservation restrictions. The stewardship of conservation restrictions varies significantly, however, from the stewardship of fee-owned lands. For the most part, properties over which we hold conservation restrictions are privately owned. The owner manages the property; Sheriff’s Meadow’s responsibility is to ensure that the conservation restriction is adhered to.

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation ensures that its conservation restrictions are adhered to through a rigorous program of annual monitoring. We visit each property annually, meet personally with the landowner, and walk and photograph the boundaries and any features that are important to the conservation restriction.  After each monitoring visit, we compile a report, send it to the landowner, and include a form that the landowner signs and returns to Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. Occasionally, violations of the conservation restriction are observed.  We strive to resolve these as quickly and as amicably as possible, in accordance with our conservation restriction enforcement policy.