Maintenance Plans

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation manages, maintains and annually monitors the 2,075 acres of land that it owns and annually monitors the 825 acres of land over which it holds conservation restrictions. All stewardship activities are conducted by Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation staff, with help when needed from dedicated volunteers and qualified professionals.

For the lands that we own, our stewardship follows property management plans that have been written by our staff and  reviewed and approved by our Property Management Committee. These plans take into account our goals for the land, the intent of the land donor, any restrictions on the land, the neighborhood, and the natural and cultural resources of the property. For most properties, our plans are also submitted to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program for approval, as many of our lands contain habitat for rare species. Many projects called for in our plans also require a filing with the local Conservation Commission or other town board.

In all matters concerning land management, Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation adheres to the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance and the requirements of the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

Please contact the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation office at (508) 693-5207 or email Director of Stewardship Kristen Fauteux with any questions or concerns about property management or maintenance.

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