Ox Pond Meadow

About Ox Pond Meadow

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Five beautiful acres of open meadow, a bit of shrub swamp and some pitch pine woodland constitute Ox Pond Meadow. Some 3.7 acres of this jewel of a property in downtown Edgartown were generously given to Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation in 1976 from Robert and Josephine Brown. In 1995, generous donors enabled Sheriff’s Meadow to purchase an additional 1.3 acres abutting the property (known as Ox Pond Meadow Extension). Ox Pond Meadow offers the public a lovely view of Nantucket Sound, not to mention views of the land itself. The public is welcome and invited to enjoy walking the footpath that crosses Ox Pond Meadow, accessible via Orr Lane or Gaines Way. Plans for this property include linking the property to a larger trail network that would include Sheriff’s Meadow, Little Beach, Fuller Street Beach and the Edgartown Lighthouse.


One may walk to Ox Pond Meadow via Braley’s Way and Orr Lane or Gaines Way in Edgartown; there is no parking available at the site. Parking is available near the Fuller Street Beach.

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