About Sheriff’s Meadow

Who we are
The mission of Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is to conserve the natural, beautiful, rural landscape and character of Martha’s Vineyard for present and future generations.

Who we are
Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is the local land trust for the island of Martha’s Vineyard. We protect 2,900 acres of land across the island. We own 72 distinct preserves comprising 2,075 acres, and hold 42 conservation restrictions over an additional 825 acres. We own land in each of the six towns on Martha’s Vineyard. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is a public charity, and is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 04-6111529. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. View Form 990.

What we do
At Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, we:

  • Conserve land.
  • Care for land.
  • Blaze trails.
  • Maintain public trails for hiking, bicycling, bird-watching, and cross-country skiing, and in certain places for horseback-riding.
  • Provide environmental education programs.
  • Lead guided natural history walks.
  • Offer access to the shore.
  • Provide places to fish.
  • Care for cultural resources on the land, such as stone walls, cellar holes, and even a centuries-old house.
  • Lease land to farmers.
  • Allow bowhunting on certain properties for qualified hunters.
  • Care for rare plants and animals.
  • Monitor conservation restrictions.
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