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Education Program Overview

Education Program Overview
Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation offers educational opportunities for school groups and pre-school groups at Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary in West Tisbury, at the Caroline Tuthill Preserve in Edgartown and at the Hancock-Mitchell House at Quansoo Farm.

Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary
At Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary, Explorer’s Backpacks are available for student use on field trips. They have tools such as magnifying glasses, binoculars, field guides, and identification and bingo sheets tailored to the species found at Cedar Tree Neck. They are kept at the sanctuary in a locked bin.

Curriculum Units include classroom lessons, field trip activities, and materials. Students learn about the Sanctuary via the educational Bruce Irons Trail and also via other trails at the Sanctuary, at the discretion of the teacher.

Topics explored in the curriculum are:

  • Change in Nature (grades K-1)
  • Map Makers (grade 2)
  • Tracking Mammals (grade 4)
  • Soil Sleuths (grade 5)

These units incorporate photo documentation and Google Earth, with an educational Google Map of the property for classes to post photos and observations of seasonal change and ecological change over time. Three sets of materials for use with these units are kept in curriculum kits at the West Tisbury, Tisbury, and Edgartown schools.

Caroline Tuthill Preserve
Six Explorer’s Backpacks are also kept at the Caroline Tuthill Preserve. All curriculum units and kits from Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary can also be used at the Caroline Tuthill Preserve.

The Caroline Tuthill Preserve also offers… Math in Nature
(Grades 3-5):  In the Math in Nature curriculum, students search for natural examples of various geometry terms and participate in measuring tasks as they explore the Preserve. This is a simple field trip guide with student observation and task sheets. This is downloadable from this site, and the trip guide is kept in the bin with the backpacks at the Caroline Tuthill Preserve.

Hancock-Mitchell House, Quansoo Farm
Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is creating an education curriculum for the historic Hancock-Mitchell House at Quansoo Farm. We envision this program to be a partnership with the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. This program is still in development. At present, interested teachers are welcome to contact Executive Director Adam Moore to arrange for a guided tour of the Hancock-Mitchell House.


Curriculum Units
Change in Nature (Grades K-1)
Download here.

Change in Nature Curriculum

Change in Nature Recording Sheet

Change in Nature Photos, Part 1

Change in Nature Photos, Part 2

Change in Nature Photos, Part 3

Map Makers (Grade 2)
Download here.

Map Makers Curriculum

Map Makers Performance Tasks

Map Makers Trip Guide

Tracking Mammals (Grade 4)
Download here.

Tracking Mammals

Tracking Mammals Performance Task

Tracking Mammals Student Sheets

Tracking Mammals Sand Box Activity

Tracking Mammals World GoogleEarth

Soil Sleuths (Grade 5)
Download here.

Soil Sleuths Outline

Soil Test Directions

Soil Types Background

Soils Investigation Sheet

Soils Performance Task

Soils Quadrant Directions


Math in Nature (Grades 3 – 5)
Download here.

Math in Nature

Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary Google Map for Students
We have created a Google Map of Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary to:

  • Introduce students to map features;
  • Help students learn about natural and human landscapes;
  • Introduce students to habitats and land forms at Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary;
  • Serve as a host location for student observations and photographs; and
  • Provide for an exploration of seasonal change and long-term ecological change.

View Google Map


Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary
For Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary, the Teacher Guide includes contact information, natural history and property management information, land history, species lists and more.
Download here.

Cedar Tree Neck Teacher Guide


Caroline Tuthill Preserve
For Caroline Tuthill Preserve, the property map and property management plan.
Download here.

Caroline Tuthill Preserve Management Plan


Explorer Backpacks
Teachers may print additional copies of the bird identification card, living and non-living bingo game, and tree identification card that are contained in the Explorer Backpacks.
Download here.

Bird ID Card

Living Non-Living Bingo

Tree ID Card


Additional Educational Activity Materials
Materials for math word problems for Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary, habitat match, and a page for students to take note of important things.
Download here.

Habitat Match

Cedar Tree Neck Math Word Problems

Important Things


Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary
To schedule a trip, email Sheriff’s Meadow with the date of the desired visit and the property you would like to visit. Please include your name, grade, and number of students.

Email Stagecoach Taxi to schedule a pick-up at your school. Put attn: Melaney in the subject line. Call (508)627-4566 the week of your trip to confirm. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation has a billing contract setup with them, so you do not need to worry about payment.

Obtain signed permission slips from parents, allowing their child to be transported by private taxi. We can provide a generic permission slip for your use.

Caroline Tuthill Preserve
To schedule a trip, email with the date of the desired visit and the property that you would like to visit. Please include your name, grade, and number of students.

Complete field trip and bus request forms as you normally would for other on-island field trips.

Hancock-Mitchell House at Quansoo Farm
Please email Adam Moore to make arrangements to visit.

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